Since the sad closure of the College Project I have made myself home-based. Working from a modest sized workshop in the back yard I am now offering courses to much smaller groups. This allows me to run them on a ‘token’ basis and allowing much more flexibility. This means that when you purchase 8 tokens you get 8 lessons even if you have to miss some evenings. I can also do full days or come to your home/venue.

Courses are £200 for a block of eight 3hr sessions

This covers all materials and tools as well as tuition.

I aim to make the course  an inspiring  exploration of stones, tools and techniques without the pressure of  results or targets (at least initially). I will use a series of games and exercises to get you cutting and removing stone with confidence and accuracy. We will gaze past the surface of the stone to see what forms can be released from within. We all know how daunting a blank canvas can be and so the first half of the course will be all about enjoying the process without regard for the outcome. Most importantly you will develop the speed and efficiency to achieve your goals in a reasonable time frame.

The course will include, from early on, the skills needed for letter cutting. Tricky they may be but I have found them invaluable in my general sculpture for really deep accurate cuts.  By the end of the course you will have produced a beautifully cut letter or if you prefer an animal form (a nice little Christmas present for someone maybe!)

With at least three different stone types, a variety of tools and cutting techniques, working both flat and upright and a range of enjoyable challenges the course will be a whirlwind experience with no time to doubt your ability.

Courses have been attended by a range of ages and backgrounds from nine to sixty, beginners, artist and stone masons. Everyone has found the courses to be a fun challange with rewarding results.







I have been a student at the Art college in Marksbury road  where I have been fortunate enough to have the lecturer Matthew Billington.  I have been one of Matthew’s students for the last 6 months and will continue to be mentored by him for the foreseeable future.  During this time I have found Matthew to be extremely knowledgable and professional in using a wide variety of stone and tools.  He excells at his lettering techniques and has shown me in great detail how to create the intricate elements.  He has an excellent approach to teaching and learning.  He is patient and considerate of individual needs and requirements.  I have been a stone mason for over 20 years, yet have found that being taught by Matthew has shown me new techniques and skills which I can take forth and use in my own professional career.


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 Some people know they want to be stone sculptors at nine years old!





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Others set themselves massive challenges, such as depicting a hawk in flight on 20mm of slate






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