A whole range of work is available by commission. If you would like to discuss designs, materials, installation and quotations please feel free contact me.

Commissioned Stautue

The piece above was inspired by the work of french sculptor Elsa Magrey and developed on the theme of Ivy and Primroses.

Thanks for the inspiration Elsa!

The following are part of a series of small panels produced for Sheffields ‘Sheaf Valley River Walk’ designed and commissioned by Ryan Morley of Bird and Bee.

They were to commemorate the natural,


and manufacturing heriatge of the Sheaf River Valley

They were presented in ten stainless steel wheels each carrying information and images of the valley along a five mile stretch of the valley as it runs through the centre of Sheffield.

one of my more unusual requests – a mark1 apple mac

an unusual memorial

and my latest piece


One response

  1. Homa Dehshiri

    Amazing, so so talented

    June 29, 2013 at 9:44 am

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