A Woodland Teaching Area.

I thought for my first proper post it would be interesting to follow a piece from start to finish.

This is where it all starts at the Llechwedd Quarry (pron. cleckwuth) in North Wales. A place to make you feel very small. Still actively pulling new slate out of the ground, I select my material from the waste not suitable for roof slates. As such all the slate I use is deemed recycled (even by the Revenue who don’t tax it).

Having got back to the workshop the fun begins. The foreman at quarry, Glyn, split out a piece just over a metre sq and about two inches thick. I then scribed out a circle a metre in diameter and cut it out with the big grinder. The design was decided,

and drawn onto the stone. Time to make some mess and noise!

Bit by bit

the stone is removed. In this case, a bass-relief, the surrounding stone is removed leaving the design standing proud.

The tool marks are all polished off and after a good clean the stone is oiled to really bring out the depth of colour.

Here’s the finished piece in situ, the centre piece to a woodland teaching area in Porthcawl. The circle was extended out to five metres in six spiral arms of three different stones around which the seven ‘henge-like’ benches were installed. Some of the benches were engraved with Viking motifs, remembering their activities in the area.


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